Risk & Profit Evaluations

Our actuarial engineers can help with frequent evaluations of regulations and product profitability, as well as modelling long-term trends and generating accurate profit predictions.

As a member of the internal audit, underwriting or pricing team, or as a head of business, you are concerned with the long-term accuracy of product pricing, adequacy of claims reserves and solvency requirements, compliance and valuation of your investments, and overall profitability and contribution to your bottom line.

The IBNR Difference

Actuarial Advisory Services

Our actuarial engineers help insurers navigate the risk and profit landscape by:

  • Ensuring your products and processes fulfil the rules of the game
  • Delivering robust financial and economic ecosystem models
  • Developing products, designing processes and handling complex data, onsite or remotely
Reviewing Investments
When critically reviewing the assets side of the balance sheet, insurance companies focus on investments in bonds, shares, real estate and mortgages. Reviewing the valuation of investments is central to this task.
This depends on the accounting standards to be applied, such as:
  • Local GAAP
  • IFRS
  • Solvency requirements

These valuation rules are applied to their respective investments.

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