Claims Fraud Deterrence

Fraud is here to stay. But sustainable fraud controls are the key to successfully mitigating and deterring fraud attacks. The most cost-effective fraud controls are embedded in prevention and deterrence measures.

Workshop: “Principles of Sustainable Claims Fraud Deterrence”


  • Principles for deterring fraudsters
  • Plan your fraud deterrence campaigns
  • Influencing consumer behaviour through cost-effective fraud deterrence communication
  • Deterring honest consumers from committing opportunistic fraud
  • Designing fraud deterrence messages that correspond with the level of fraud threat
  • How to deliver effective deterrence messages in the claims process

Participants will acquire practical know-how on claims fraud deterrence measures in an insurance environment.

For: EXCO members, risk, business and department heads, claims and fraud investigators
Duration: Half day
Benefits: Aligns interest of stakeholders with fraud control strategy

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