Fraud Deterrence & Prevention

A robust fraud risk framework that encompasses detection, investigation, deterrence and prevention is your most effective and sustainable defence against fraud threats.

The key is building dynamic fraud controls based on a thorough evaluation of fraud threats and their financial impact on your business.

The IBNR Difference:

To mitigate costs, we help insurers embed prevention and deterrence measures into fraud controls by:

  • Influencing consumer behaviour through cost-effective fraud deterrence communication
  • Deterring honest consumers from committing opportunistic fraud
  • Designing fraud deterrence messages that correspond with the level of fraud threat
  • Integrating prevention at the product development stage (product proofing)
  • Assessing the inherent fraud risk of existing insurance products
  • Bringing in fraud experts and other specialists or claims settlers
  • Flagging risk enhancing factors

Your Benefits:

  • Fast returns on fraud control investments
  • Measurable financial outcomes with retrospective and predictive fraud metrics
  • Robust, sustainable and financially optimised operational outcomes
  • Workable solution anchored in best practices
  • Dynamic fraud defence comprising control and mitigation measures based on fraud risks
  • Fully auditable fraud organisation and governance structure
  • Clear cost-benefit evaluation to help you make informed investments
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