Fraud Investigation Techniques Training

We use guided fraud investigations to help participants identify and avoid unnecessary delays in any investigation

Robust claims fraud investigation processes form part of a fraud risk control framework that enables insurers and their appointed fraud investigators to examine suspicious claims in an unbiased, fair and evidence-based investigation.

The programme highlights robust fraud investigation methods that safeguard the interests of insurers and alleged fraudsters throughout the investigation, with the aim of producing undisputable evidence of a fraudulent claim or to clear suspicion from unsubstantiated fraud allegations without unnecessary delay.

The IBNR Difference


We help participants:

  • Understand and apply the principles of the fraud triangle
  • Sharpen their investigative mindset
  • Learn to gather stronger forensic evidence during investigations
  • Avoid investigative pitfalls and false accusations
  • Set up effective surveillance and interviews
  • Conduct investigations that will deliver results
  • Mitigate the impact of fraud on the insurance business

The programme will cover robust fraud investigation techniques used to effectively mitigate claims fraud by insurers who are committed to fighting fraud and their internal and external fraud investigators. Actionable takeaways will empower participants to employ robust, effective fraud investigation methods according to a strategic fraud investigation framework, from interviewing witnesses to reviewing surveillance reports, with the aim of completing the investigation without unnecessary delays.

Guiding Professional Standards and Ethical Rules -Importance of an Evidence based Fraud Investigation - Robust and effective Fraud Investigation Methods


Fraud has always been a hot topic for the insurance industry. It is more relevant than ever in the current economic downturn environment. With his professional experience, business acumen and practical examples from real life business cases, Rudolf delivered with clarity and precision two very effective and interesting sessions to my audit team across Asia on fraud risks control framework and management process, fully engaging and gently challenging the participants as evidenced by their questions, interactions and sharing of their own experiences.
Regional Head of Internal Audit – Asia, Global Insurance Company, Hong Kong, 2020

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