Evaluation of Fraud Technology & Providers

Ensure you understand the fraud technology in the market and select the provider that best fits your budget and expectations.

In addition to performance and price considerations, it is important to evaluate technologies in terms of desired outcomes in a real working environment.

The IBNR Difference:

Drawing on proof-of-concept experience running fraud technology in real-world environments, we help insurers by:

  • Proposing up to 6 international anti-fraud technology providers
  • Providing briefs on provider and fraud technologies
  • Inviting selected providers for proposals
  • Consulting on fraud business rules and performance metrics in a proof-of-concept (PoC) trial
  • Evaluating fraud performance metrics
  • Validating your fraud investigators’ findings through the PoC trial
  • Making substantiated recommendations on fraud performance
  • Providing cost-benefit estimate(s), including pricing

Your Benefits:

We equip you to select the best solution for your business based on fraud performance metrics, pricing details, cost-benefit estimates and technical specifications.

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