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Structural Review: Your Fraud Control & Governance Framework

As a member of the fraud risks control committee, you are concerned with strengthening and documenting your internal and claims fraud protection framework, reinforcing the detection power of your special investigation unit, and avoiding unnecessary investigation delays. You understand the value of risk assessments and the fraud savings that can be achieved by your fraud investigation teams, and stand behind their substantial contribution to your bottom line.

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Claims Performance Review

As a member of the management executive committee, you are concerned with the robustness of your claims processes and financial outcomes, as well as your automated processes and predictive analytics solutions. You understand the impact of weak claims teams on expanding your business, on your reputation among brokers and in the context of cost optimisations with reinsurance.

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Evaluation of Fraud Technology & Providers

Ensure you understand the fraud technology in the market and select the provider that best fits your budget and expectations.

In addition to performance and price considerations, it is important to evaluate technologies in terms of desired outcomes in a real working environment.

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Fraud Deterrence & Prevention

A robust fraud risk framework that encompasses detection, investigation, deterrence and prevention is your most effective and sustainable defence against fraud threats.

The key is building dynamic fraud controls based on a thorough evaluation of fraud threats and their financial impact on your business.

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