As a leading regional management consulting firm, IBNR lives up to its purpose of solving deficiencies in business processes and financial performance, while earning the trust of its clients.

Our experienced staff, combined with our Asia-Pacific network, are ideally equipped to help you overcome the issues and challenges you face every day.

Our robust improvement services bring lasting value, helping you work smarter and more effectively, whatever the extent of your strategic or operational underperformance or underproductivity.

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Fraud Performance Gap Analysis

As a member of the fraud risks control committee, you are concerned with strengthening your fraud protection processes and reinforcing the detection power of your special investigation unit and predictive fraud analytics. You understand the value of risk assessments and your fraud investigation teams, and stand behind their substantial contribution to your bottom line.

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Claims Performance Gap Analysis

As a member of the management executive committee, you are concerned with the robustness of your claims processes and financial outcomes, as well as your automated processes and predictive analytics solutions. You understand the impact of weak claims teams on expanding your business, on your reputation among brokers and in the context of cost optimisations with reinsurance.

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Claims Commutations

As a client and claims manager or head of business, you can free up idle cashflow by cleansing dormant claims and strengthening expense management in small claims administration, redirecting resources towards growing your profitable business.

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Risks & Profit Evaluations

As a member of the internal audit, underwriting or pricing team, or as a head of business, you are concerned with the long-term accuracy of product pricing, adequacy of claims reserves and solvency requirements, compliance and valuation of your investments, and overall profitability and contribution to your bottom line.

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