Structural Review: Your Fraud Control And Governance Framework

Fraud distorts markets, damages assets and sometimes even costs innocent lives.

As a member of the fraud risks control committee, you are concerned with strengthening and documenting your internal and claims fraud protection framework, reinforcing the detection power of your special investigation unit, and avoiding unnecessary investigation delays. You understand the value of risk assessments and the fraud savings that can be achieved by your fraud investigation teams, and stand behind their substantial contribution to your bottom line.

But how do your strategic fraud controls and operational fraud processes measure up against international benchmarks?

The IBNR Difference

We help insurers:

  • Identify gaps in your fraud risk detection, deterrence, prevention and loss mitigation processes and controls
  • Gauge the effectiveness of your fraud framework and processes compared to international standards
  • Understand the preliminary cost-benefits of implementation to inform investment decisions
  • Receive substantiated recommendations to bolster effective fraud controls across all your departments
  • Assess your built-in fraud resilience in your sales, claims and digital functions
  • Execute viable business upgrades

We provide your management executive committee with a high-level assessment of the robustness and performance of your internal and claims fraud control and governance framework. Our substantiated recommendations will highlight necessary investments for closing any gaps.

Understand your Internal and Claims Fraud Control Framework - Benchmark your Anti-Fraud Framework Against Best Practice

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