Want to craft powerful and distinctive marketing messages that attract prospective customers and ignite interest in your products and services? By adding compelling claims testimonials and stories specific to each product and distribution channel, you can ensure your messages stand out in the market and resonate with your target customers.

The IBNR Difference

By drawing on your customers’ personal claims experiences to develop persuasive, targeted testimonials and stories, we help insurers:

  • Highlight key claims characteristics and experiences for all business lines
  • Produce messages that persuade prospective customers to commit
  • Capturing and extracting your differentiating claims data and stories
  • Identify claims testimonials that differentiate you from competitors
  • Supply your marketing team with distinctive claims testimonials
  • Enhance your marketing campaigns with compelling claims messages and testimonials
  • Benchmark and update claims stories and testimonials in your marketing campaigns


Rudolf Frei

Asia Principal Consultant, IBNR, Hong Kong and Singapore
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