A robust fraud risk framework is your most effective and sustainable defence against fraud threats when it comes to delivering favourable outcomes for your stakeholders. The key is building dynamic fraud controls based on a thorough evaluation of fraud threats and their financial impact on your business.

Our IBNR Expertise:

  • Best-in-class principles for dynamic fraud risk control frameworks
  • Claims fraud controls in automated and digitised insurance
  • Best-practice benchmarks in fraud detection and performance metrics
  • Fraud control performance benchmarks
  • Fraud risk mitigation in product development and claims reporting

Our Services:

  • Propose a roadmap for filling gaps in a robust fraud risk framework
  • Highlight essential upgrades in core fraud controls to optimise financial performance
  • Outline an effective fraud organisation, fraud risk evaluation process and governance structure
  • Propose action plans for sustainable fraud controls to fill gaps in each fraud risk area


Rudolf Frei

Asia Principal Consultant, IBNR, Hong Kong and Singapore
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